Archives constitute the historical memory of every company; in fact, its the archives that must support the company's activities, both internal (for example they allow research, development, planning) and external customer-oriented (e.g. insurance policies, technical and mechanical drawings in the industry and Design companies). The archives are a historical and cultural heritage of information that if organized in an efficient way, allow for the correct reconstruction of administrative, legal, tax and any fact of a company’s life. Archiving documents is therefore a strategic activity: Recovering a document means dating back to a fact and being able to prove it.

The problem associated with archives most felt by companies is that of space. In addition to the lack of space, is the organization of archives and consequently of the retrieval and use of the documents. Inadequate solutions of classification, allocation and handling of the document arise, as well as the unavailability of sufficient personnel (both in quantitative terms and in professional terms).

Madoc’s goal is to solve the long-running problem of organization and management of business documents, resulting from the rampant clutter of "DIY" archiving with errors in positioning, tampering and loss of practices.



Our solutions make it possible to optimize and simplify the management of business processes with the aim of freeing companies of their paper, avoiding errors, defining and coordinating activities and eliminating manual insertion. Above all: to recover precious time to devote to high-value tasks.


Madoc simplifies the governance of your data and satisfies the legal reviews and requests of eDiscovery thanks to the ability to identify relevant content and preserve documents and metadata in compliance and security.


Madoc combines competent and serious specialists, qualified personnel, innovative technologies and a reasonable and transparent cost to transform the management of documents with customized solutions that allow you to work better and more rapidly.


Thanks to our innovative solutions for the management of administrative processes and corporate information heritage, we can help you increase productivity and recover essential resources to focus on your company's core business.