The management of business information is more complex than ever and beyond that, we are inundated with data and digital information. The amount of data and documents is increasing significantly, often created by information that is already present in the company's information systems or scattered in shared drives, making them difficult to find and control. The current business information environment can be chaotic, complicated and a drainage on resources.

To access and consult your digital archives in an easy and intuitive way, it is essential to create structured information systems, in order to support business procedures in every phase of the document's lifecycle. Madoc can provide your company with document management software, which includes the design and installation of software with proper assistance and provision of services for the dematerialization of paper archives.

M-Files allows companies to concentrate all the business information in a single point, dematerializing the paper in digital or acquiring the documents and data directly from your various management systems. Through a powerful internal search engine, documents can be easily found thanks to a powerful archival engine based on document properties and metadata.

M-Files also allows you to manage the entire life cycle of every single document (revisions, approvals, archival, movement history, etc.). Thanks to a workflow graphic modeler, Madoc is able to define and reproduce the information flow within a company to guide users in the actions to be carried out and making available all the tools necessary to carry out the activity.



Our solutions make it possible to optimize and simplify the management of business processes with the aim of freeing companies of their paper, avoiding errors, defining and coordinating activities and eliminating manual insertion. Above all: to recover precious time to devote to high-value tasks.


Madoc simplifies the governance of your data and satisfies the legal reviews and requests of eDiscovery thanks to the ability to identify relevant content and preserve documents and metadata in compliance and security.


Madoc combines competent and serious specialists, qualified personnel, innovative technologies and a reasonable and transparent cost to transform the management of documents with customized solutions that allow you to work better and more rapidly.


Thanks to our innovative solutions for the management of administrative processes and corporate information heritage, we can help you increase productivity and recover essential resources to focus on your company's core business.