Capitalizing on the experiences obtained at international companies in the same line of business, Madoc was the first to introduce the concept of "dynamic management" of archives, in Italy. Within this formula, which summarizes our customer care philosophy, is our value-added service. Madoc is able to organize documents in a targeted, functional and cost-effective way the entirety of the archives in custody, both at its own deposits and at the customer’s premises.


Madoc Italia, founded in 1985, was the first Italian company to offer paper storage services in “outsourcing”. With over 30 years of qualified experience, we have made archiving our core business, developing strong competencies in the dynamic management of documents. Our extensive knowledge and vast experience has allowed us to attract numerous Italian companies and subsidiaries of international companies as customers. Our portfolio of clients includes; legal and tax professionals, financial institutions, financial intermediaries, as well as auditing, digital, industrial and design companies.

30 years later, Madoc continues to represent authenticity and quality, values that have become synonymous with our culture. Customer care has allowed the family company to be appreciated throughout Italy. With over 30 years of history, Madoc has grown and reinvented itself by affirming its tradition of documentary innovation specializing in records management.

Madoc’s vision is to offer the best solutions for records management available on the market, both physical and digital information, to our broad customer base.

Our mission is to simplify as much as possible the research of information that our customers need and to help them reach their business objectives more rapidly. Above all, we want our services and processes to work as best they can in order to allow our clients to dedicate more time to their business requirements.


Nowadays, archival lifecycles are becoming increasingly sophisticated, requiring vast amounts of space, meticulous organization and the availability of personnel for quick and effective retrieval in the event of document consultation.

The storage methods are endless while the goal of proper archiving is universal: documents should be stored in a way that is understandable to everyone and can be easily found when needed.

Madoc is able to offer simple, optimal and cutting-edge solutions to meet the need for corporate archiving in the most efficient and functional way possible. Based on the experience gained we provide the professional support necessary to the execution of what is required by current regulations.

Madoc offers a wide range of services, customizable, for any business need in the ideal management of your archives.


Madoc focuses on respecting the environment and improving the working life of our customers and our employees. Thanks to our constant commitment, we transmit to our employees a culture of respect of environmental protection, for a responsible and sustainable use of natural resources, including:

  • So that Madoc can make its contribution to the environment, once documents have expired their legal period of conservation, the paper is destroyed and recycled in accordance with the current safety regulations, guaranteeing a reduction of the environmental impact.
  • We strive to reduce the impact on the environment by creating a digital format of downloadable documents, allowing digital archiving and preservation, thus avoiding the waste of paper, toner and ink.
  • Madoc has joined the Million pollinator Garden Challenge Program, a global initiative to create and support gardens and landscapes that help defend and protect the health of bees, butterflies, birds, bats and other pollinators.